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2 more Friends Only § Animal § Randomness Icons (too many to count)

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I hope I got all credits on these. Please let me know if I missed any...there are a lot of icons on here. Sky1.jpg Template is by me.

EDIT ^ Brushes by Mint Tea (I do believe)...@ Templates by Vblackangelv! ? Base by - um...anyone know?

This should also be IT for my icons for awhile. Honestly think I got them all up here now.

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Stargate Icons § 4 total § - Angels/Faeries Icons § 3 total §

EDIT Dr. Jackson Fangirl ID is using a template by MintTea (I am almost positive on that one. If I am wrong...please let me know!)Same rules as always. Won't bother to repeat them. Please check my profile page for the rules.

Warning: Stargate SG-1 might contain spoiler for those who haven't seen season 7 yet!

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Angels/FaeriesCollapse )

Still working on getting all my icons up. My Misc. Section alone has 69 icons in it, so it may take me about a week to get ALL of the icons I've made up here. Now onto the ONE Friends Only banner I found yesterday.

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☼ Anime Icons ☼ 38 icons ☼

* Template by mooneflowerz
+ Template/Brush unknown at time - will update when I find out who
/ Template/Brush by Mint Tea
^ Base by Mint Tea
@ Template by digic_icons

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